Sunday, July 25, 2010


Lemonland 12" Vinyl LP and Digital Download also coming Aug 2nd

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

North Carolina Tour

Well ladies and gents….they’re at it again! Without throwing in the same old overplayed Willie Nelson lyric (no offense Willie) The Humms are back on the road and blazing a five mile wide fiery path of rock and roll vengeance leaving nothing behind but the remnants of a party’s past and a resurrected need for their high energy, timeless, we don’t give a shit, rock and roll. This past week I rode along with the band for a three day tour in North Carolina. The Humms crash-landed and busted through the music scenes of Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Durham, and the radio waves of Duke University’s WXDU (fm 88.7). I was able to see not only the performances of The Humms, but I was also able to experience many other remarkable bands through out the extended weekend. Those bands included: Pinche Gringo, also a band with a raw and refreshing throw-back to Tom Waits (sorry for not catching their name), as well as a band reminiscent of Velvet Revolver (sorry again about the missing name), Spider Bags, and NoBunny.

Our first stop in North Carolina was the Cave. The Cave, locally known as the oldest bar in Chapel Hill, is an underground, basement style bar smack dab in the middle of down town. The flow of drinks and good times were equally matched by the outpouring of good old foot stomping, heart felt, slap a stranger, underground rock. The mix of Pinche Gringo’s garage like grit and blues-like lyrics brings a retro nostalgic punch to the gut to any listener including myself. Along side Pinche, The Humms brought their trio of Zeke, Jackie, and Jess to rip through my perceived thoughts of “so called music” in order to kick, stomp, and torture my mind into reinventing it’s auditory abilities. From the foot stomping, leg slapping sounds of Jupiter to the moral doubting abrasive lyrics of Jesus lied, this set kept my body in constant motion and my brain craving more.

Our second night was spent at Seven Day Weekend in Greensboro with two other bands, one that was able to lyrically and musically move my mind in the same way in which Tom Waits did, and still does. The other band that was suggestive of Velvet Revolver deserves recognition in my eyes. One week before playing the Seven Day Weekend show they lost their lead guitarist and still went on with the show.

Our third night was heaving with amazing music, first-class people, and outstanding food at the Layabout in Durham. I was able to watch The Humms play alongside Spiderbags, Pinche Gringo, NoBunny, and many more. Needless to say, this whole weekend was to-the-brim overflowing with continuous great bands, amazing music, awesome hospitality, unforgettable times, and new found friends.

-Special thanks go out to Ashley, Hank, Jason, Liz, Rob, Allyson, Craig, Serra Ferguson, and Pinche Gringo. We couldn’t have done it without you guys and your hospitality!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


During the middle of the Lemonland recording sessions, I had my friends, These Magnificent Tapeworms come down from Illinois to Gypsy Farm to record their second record. Here we are some 5 months and two sessions later and the record is 90% done. They need help releasing it. Let me take a moment to tell you about these guys.
I call their sound "Desert Music" that can easily be compared to Link Wray and The Cramps but this is no copy cat band by any means. Just two Ex-Pizza boys and their drummer Joe, who I've never seen in anything but a dress, doing what they love the most. They are touring all the way down to Florida, which starts tonight in Jacksonville to stir up some buzz for the new record. You can help them release it (and get some really cool stuff at the same time) by donating to their Kickstarter page here. Instead of spending that $5 in your pocket on Phone Sex cards, give it to someone who will put it to good use!
Listen to them and look up their tour dates here.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spillege Recap

Many thanks to Nate Mitchell for his supreme hospitallity which included his collection of crock pots and pork....and the man makes a damn fine Hunch Punch.

But of course it would not have been possible without the Spillege folks always being down for a smashing time. Thanks fellas.

Last but not least, the bands. The night began with a set from Timmy Tumble and I can honesly say that "tumble" rings true in his extreamly physical and entertaining show. Next up were The Trashcans, Nates band...and quickly becoming one of my favoirte garage bands. They'll be up at Gypsy Farm in June to record material for their debut..very excited.

After The Cans came Pinche Gringo, a NC based one-man band, all though he had two friends joining him during his set which left everone's ears dripping wet and wanting more. We closed the musical night out with select numbers from our upcoming Lemonland record and there was also some nudity involved, which is never a bad thing. Will be posting footage from that soon, so keep an eye.

We all can not wait for the next blow out at the Spillege and if you were there then you know why. See you tomorrow, May 13th at the Star Bar in Atlanta.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Show in 5 months

Athens, GA. This Saturday. House in front of the Taco Stand off Prince Ave.

One of Garage Music's best kept secrets, The Trashcans. Enough said.

Pinche Gringo, A one man band that scuzzes you from your neck to your knees...seeping down from NC)

The Humms return after spending the entire winter in the foggy North East corner of GA, recording their debut LP "Lemonland".

This Saturday, The Spillege House -Athens,GA


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Record, Lemonland

Recording is done. Mastering soon to come.

For all info on this record, including downloadable hi-res covers and a session photo (hey all you bloggers) lend your attention here

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lemonland / Recording Update # 3

Things have been going slow but steady as I'm nearing the turn to post-production for the Humms record. Dispite the cold weather keeping a slight "frost" over production, I've begun recording vocals for the handful of remaining tracks. In other exiting news regaurding the record, the name and cover were revealed to our mailing list subscribers last week. It can now be viewed at

For now I leave you with the titles of some of the new Humm songs that will be appearing on the record.

Fat Bat
Uncle Sam took my baby away
Don't think about death
Sleepy, sleepy

The Humms Word Processor

For more information on The Humms, please visit